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Calendar Help

. If you wish to follow the DGSL Google Calendar, see instructions Below

ics - DGSL Events Calendar File

Google Calendar Subscription
1.Copy the Calendar URL you need from above (DGSL Events only) or from the post on your team site (Team Schedules).
2.Go to and sign in. If you do not have a Google Account create one using the link provided at the bottom of the page.
3.Click on "Add by URL" in the "Other Calendars" box located at the bottom of the menu on the left.
4.Paste the copied URL into URL field.
5.Click "Add Calendar" and you are finished.
Apple iPhone  
1.On the iPhone navigate to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calanders -> Add Account -> Other -> Add Subscribed Calendar
2.Enter the full URL (listed above) to the Server field. It may be easier to email yourself the the link then copy and paste it on the iPhone
3.Click Save after the calendar has been downloaded
Apple iCal - Mac:  
1.From within iCal, choose "Subscribe" from the "Calendar" menu at the top of your screen.
2.Enter the full URL (listed above) to the desired iCalendar file in the "Subscribe to:" box and click "Subscribe".
3.iCal add the calendar and bring you to a screen which allows you to change the title of the calendar. Click the "Refresh:" checkbox and select "every day" which will have iCal check for updates to the calendar on a daily basis.
Microsoft Outlook 2007 - Windows:
1.In Outlook 2007 Go to the Tools menu and click on Account Settings.
2.Click on New from the Internet Calendar and enter the full URL (listed above) to the desired iCalendar.
3.Click Add.
4.Type the name of the calendar as you want it to appear in Outlook in the Folder Name box and then click OK. The calendar will be listed under "Other Calendars" with the name you chose (it does not merge with "My Calendar").
Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Windows:  
1.Open Outlook 2010
2.Select top Menu File -> Open -> Import
3.Choose Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)
4.Navigate to the saved ics file or enter the full URL (listed above) to the desired iCalendar file.
5.Click OK
Alternatively, for non-ICS links in Outlook 2010/2013
1.Copy the URL for the calendar feed
2.Open Outlook
3.Navigate to Calendars in Outlook
4.Right Click on "Other Calendar"
5.Select "Add Calendar from Internet"
6.Paste the URL to the calendar feed
7.Accept all prompts

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CENTRAL PARK (08:02 PM | 03/23/22)

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Field 1 (08:02 PM | 03/23/22)

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Field 2 (08:02 PM | 03/23/22)

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Field 3 (08:02 PM | 03/23/22)

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Field 4 (08:02 PM | 03/23/22)